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galaxy a8 Mobile Back Cover - superman shield

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Device: galaxy a8 Mobile
Design: superman shield
Material: Polycarbonate Hard Case

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Product Description

Could you imagine spending a couple of hundred dollars for the latest Smartphone, taking it home, and enjoying all of its incredible features — only to drop it on the ground a few days later and shatter its screen? Smartphone are tested numerous times but, by nature, their touch screens are delicate and their bodies are not immune to nicks or chips.

For many Smartphone users, offers polycarbonate cases the best protection for their devices ,and is the best Smartphone cases. Here are some of the description of polycarbonate Smartphone cases.

Polycarbonate Cases

Polycarbonate is type of tough, durable plastic used in some Smartphone cases today. Polycarbonate is the same material used in bulletproof windows, so you can be assured it will offer maximum protection for your Smartphone. Polycarbonate cases are lightweight while providing great strength against drops and other potential cell phone damage.

1. Pixelprint Offers fashionable, customizable Smartphone cases made of a polycarbonate material called Lexan. Pixelprint allows you to design your own case for your Smartphone, choosing between varying degrees of protection and decorating your case with your own photos and a selection of attractive patterns.

2. Otterbox Is another well-known manufacturer of polycarbonate Smartphone cases that offer maximum protection? The Defender and Commuter series, in particular, are very well-equipped to protect your phone from damage.

3. Access to ports controls and sensors

All cases we sell have access to all ports buttons camera and sensors there won’t be any interference with your phone censors. Fully compatible with regular charges and headphones.

4. Protect it from bumps and drops Bumps scratches and accidental drops. This case is made of light durable and slim material called polycarbonate it is hard plastic with high impact resistance and low scratch resistance. It is flexible enough to snap on to your phone with ease and strong enough to protect it from.

3. Lay-flat bezel raises lip Raised lip around the sides of the case protects your screen from directly contacting surfaces on accidents drops. 4. High quality printing

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Product Feature

1. It maintains good mechanical properties between -40°F and 280°F

2. High strength that makes it resistant to impact and fracture

3. It can be easily colored, it’s non-toxic, and can be absolutely transparent up to 2 In. in width

4. PC also features high electrical and heat resistance

5. It is biologically inert

6. Readily recyclable and cost effective.

7. PC’s outstanding strength makes it suitable for bullet-resistant or shatter-resistant glass applications

8. PC’s relatively low weight in comparison to other high strength materials and its high ductility make it attractive to be used in lenses and windows

9. It has also been used as a flame retardant and an electrical insulator

10. Small filters for the extrusion of small particles

11. CD’s, DVD’s. Automotive, cell phone, and laptop parts.

12. PC blends exhibit high ductility and impact strength at temperatures below those of pure PC

13. PC tends to scratch easily, Silicone-polycarbonate copolymers can yield a hard thermoplastic that doesn’t get scratched. Many more properties can be achieved depending on the composition